Who Founded the Pop It Toys

Who Founded the "Pop It Toys" & How They Became Popular?

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As an adult, we have all grown up with a certain line of toys that have taken many shapes and forms – yet essentially remained similar. A great example of this would be Barbie dolls, as they go through many design changes every once in a while, but you always know what to expect from a line of doll toys.

However, now and then, you come across children with new toys that are either new inventions or a radically different take on something that already existed. Pop It toys are one such invention that has taken the world by storm. Whether you’re in the USA or the Middle East, Pop It fidget toys are everywhere and have become a household product in no time.

So, who made the Pop It fidget toys, how did they become so popular, and do they have any benefits? Let’s answer those questions.

Who Invented Pop It Fidget Toys?

The birth of the concept of Pop It toys is an unusual one. Pop It fidget toys were invented by an Israeli couple called Theo and Ora Coster, who had previously invented several games such as Guess Who? – which makes facial recognition fun. But they did not get the idea overnight and it originally began with Ora Coster.

In the mid-1970s, her sister died from breast cancer and Ora ended up having a strange dream where she saw a field of breasts, and pressing on one of them made them pop out from the other side. Theo eventually thought about that vision and created a prototype of it as a toy and it remained that way for several years until the couple’s sons ended up selling the idea to a company called FoxMind.

Surprisingly, the toy was first launched in 2013 as a puzzle game called ‘Last One Lost’ in which two players pop bubbles together and the person who presses it last loses. However, it was not a hit and only sold a moderate number of units – which was not enough to declare it a success, and most households were unaware of its existence.

Regardless, though, it was a solid idea and the execution was great, making it a decent toy for kids with developing minds.

How Pop It Toys Became Famous

As mentioned above, the first launch of the toy was not particularly successful in its original debut. However, the company decided to relaunch it under a new name called ‘Pop It!’ which is what we know the toys as today.

With the relaunch, some new customers got to try out the product but that still isn’t what exactly caused these fidget toys to become famous. What truly caused Pop It toys to become a trend was none other than TikTok.

There is a TikTok account centered around a monkey influencer (you read that correctly) called Gaitlyn Rae and a clip showed the monkey playing with a Pop It toy. The owner of the monkey influencer, Jessica Lacher, told in an interview that the Pop It toy was sent to Gaitlyn on her birthday and that she had never seen it before – so it wasn’t a paid promotion of any kind.

That TikTok clip singlehandedly kicked off a viral trend that skyrocketed the popularity of Pop It fidget toys and, as you’d expect, there are a lot of affordable knock-offs in the market too that have quality good enough to fool anyone. And as usual, creators have taken complete liberty with the designs and you can find Pop It toys that are shaped like Among Us crewmates and dinosaurs to name a few.

Not only do they come in the average toy form, they even exist as small keychains and normal-sized phone covers for all the latest smartphones, which makes it very easy and convenient to have the Pop It fidget toys at your disposal now.

Although the TikTok did help the toys get viral, some other reasons can be thanked for its success too. For example, having to stay home in the middle of the pandemic certainly made it easier for such products to create such a buzz. And on top of that, there are several benefits to owning a Pop It toy since it comes under the fidget category. Let’s elaborate more on the last bit.

Are There Benefits to Using a Pop It Toy?

Pop It Toys are generally fun to play with because there are several games that you can have in mind when you use them, such as ‘the last one to pop loses’. But it’s generally a very fun fidget toy to use in general. Pop It toys are soft and very comfortable to use – for babies, kids, and even adults.

Anyone can grab onto one and start to squeeze them or press them (or pop them) and there is no age that is inappropriate for its use. Fidget toys help users deal with anxiety and ADHD in terms of focus and relieving some immediate stress from their bodies. They are being used not only within households for this purpose but also in some learning environments. You can learn more about it from our other article on the topic here.

You might think they wouldn’t suit an adult due to their design, but of course, there are those that have less cartoonish colors and shapes too – so don’t judge too fast and try to find one that suits you first! After all, the entire vision behind it came from a very adult dream.

Where Can I Buy Pop It Toys?

To say that Pop It toys are everywhere would be an understatement – but luckily for you, there is no need to go to a different website. We have a wide collection of fairly priced and high-quality Pop It fidget toys and that includes the normal toys, the smartphone covers, keychains, and much more!

So, head over to our shop by clicking ‘here’ and don’t miss out on our amazing deals.

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