Top 10 Best toys for kids

Top 10 Best Toys for Kids (and everyone)

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Toys are an amazing invention that can keep children happy, help them grow, and it’s easy for them to bond with each other in the form of playing too. And it’s not just the children that toys are good for, as there are many forms and categories of them that appeal to all ages.

For example, action figures are something that teenagers and adults alike collect. And fidget toys such as fidget spinners, simple dimples, and pop it are something that are great for all ages.

Whether you’re bored, want to distract yourself, need a fidgeting habit to feel relaxed, or just like pressing things – fidget toys are just a great thing to have by your side.

And on top of everything else, they have been proven to help children grow as these toys are very engaging for their sensors. And people with ADHD have found relief through them too.

So, let’s take a look at the top 10 best toys of 2022 that we recommend, for children, teens, and even adults!

Simple Dimples

Simple Dimple

Simple Dimples are the newest toys in the fidget category that are meant for people of all ages. They come in unique designs that can look like anything from a panda to a simple set of buttons on a board.

According to research, fidget toys are very helpful for children because using their sensors to play with them contribute towards growth. And for children with ADHD or any kind of stress, it often helps to have a healthy fidgeting habit that they can use to distract themselves. It’s far more relaxing to pop the dimples on this toy than shake your legs or bite your nails.

And since Simple Dimples come in many shapes and colors, even adults can make use of them as they are easy to carry. What size you want depends on you, because you can buy Keychain simple dimples too.

Squishy Toys

Squishy toys

We all come from different backgrounds and are different ages, but one thing that unites us all is our impulse to squeeze whatever we find cute! Squishy Toys are meant for those who just want to feel the fun of squeezing things in their hands, regardless of their age.

But of course, they are most suited for children because in early ages, they love touching, squeezing, and chewing everything that they see. And fortunately, these toys are perfect for chewing since they are made of safe materials and don’t break.

Lastly, these adorable and wholesome toys serve as an alternative to fidget habits too as it’s a good way to keep your hands busy by constantly squeezing them when you need to focus or distract yourself.

Their cuteness is the biggest reason that you’ll love them for – everything else is icing on the cake!

Rubik's Cube

Rubik's cube

The Rubik’s Cube is a classic that people of all ages have enjoyed for many generations. It’s fun to move them around so they work as a fidget toy too, but generally they are more of a puzzle.

Rubik’s Cubes come in many different shapes and forms, so there’s always something that will suit your style. And whether you wish to solve them casually or set a world record – it’s all very much possible.

And unlike other toys which help the intelligence of children, the Rubik’s Cube helps with the problem-solving skills of even adults! So, it’s one of the most important toys on the planet and never loses its relevance.

Fidget Cube

Fidget cubes

Unlike most other toys on the list, the Fidget Cubes are aimed at an older audience, such as teens and adults, rather than kids. Children can still enjoy playing with them, but they would find other things such as Fidget Spinners and Pop It toys more appealing.

So, what is a Fidget Cube? They are small devices that come with many options that people can use to keep their hands busy. For example, there are small buttons, larger buttons, a head of sorts that can be pressed, and mechanisms that can be moved around with fingers.

All of these options add a lot of variety in the ways people can play with them, and they are perfect for stress relieving purposes – especially for people who are anxious often or suffer from ADHD.

They come in many shapes and forms, such as round, flat, and more – so there’s always a design meant for your preferences even if you’re picky.

Pop It Toys

Among us pop it

Pop It toys have been around for many years, but they only started to become viral in recent years. They come in many different colors, shapes, and forms – such as the Among Us pop it that is very popular these days.

It’s a great learning toy for children as it serves as a sensory activity for them, occupying their hands, eyes, ears, and even mouth since it’s safe to chew pop it toys due to their safe materials.

And in people of other ages, it’s still fun to play with because popping these toys is similar to bubble wraps, which we all grew up loving! There are even rules that you can use to play with Pop It toys like a game.

So, any household needs a Pop It toy because they are great for anyone to pass some time and distract themselves with, especially if they feel anxious and need to feel relaxed.

They come as keychains, board games (mentioned below), phone cases, purses, backpacks, and more!

Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinner

Fidget Spinners, also known as handspinners, are an internationally famous type of fidget toys. If you were on the internet in the past few years, you must have remembered the craze in which fidget spinners had become incredibly viral in children and teens alike.

That craze may have worn off in 2022, but it doesn’t change the fact that Fidget Spinners are one of the best tools that you can get which help you distract yourself. It’s very fun to spin them around when you’re bored and the button in the middle is very smooth to hold onto too.

And like most other toys in this category, Fidget Spinners are not only meant for boredom. If you’re anxious or stressed and wish to focus on something else, playing with the Fidget Spinner is a very healthy habit to develop since it helps you avoid things like biting your nails.

Pop It Board Game

Pop it board game

We’ve already talked about the Pop It toys on the list, but this is a very interesting variation. The Pop It Board Game takes everything that’s good and fun about popping the toy and makes it more interesting by adding game rules into it.

It’s pretty good in size and has multiple colors, which is very attractive for children of all ages. And then we have the dice, which can be thrown around to determine who is winning.

The rules and how you play differ from person to person, but the most common one is that the one who pops all of the dimples of their opponent first wins the game!

It’s a great Pop It game that anyone can enjoy and fun way to pass time for children and parents alike!

Magnetic Rings

Magnetic Ring

Magnetic Rings are one of the most creative fidget toys that you will ever come across. They are conjoined together due to their metallic nature and you can swing them around, changing the order that they’re in. And on top of that, if you own more than one pair of them, you can even stack them up together.

The Magnetic Rings are perfect for both children and adult because they improve motor skills, act as a sensory activity, and greatly help with stress loss as you’re able to keep your hands busy on a fun activity. And even if you just want to have some fun, this is a very creative way to pass your time!

They come in different sizes and designs and are very low weight, so they won’t be a strain on your fingers even if you’re a kid.



Slime has always been a very popular toy, but ever since children figured out what YouTube is – it became viral and refuses to disappear. If you ever talk about Slime with your children, they will tell you how they saw it on YouTube, or TikTok, or how their friends play with them.

Slime has many DIY qualities which teaches children to be creative because you can mix different slimes and get unique results. On top of that, it’s a great sensory activity as it makes children use their touch, smell, sight, and sound. It’s also great for all ages and helps children bond with other kids and even adults.

And lastly, it even teaches children how to be calm and a bit of responsibility since it has to be cleaned up after you’re done playing.

Wacky Track

Wacky Track

Wacky Tracks are a unique toy that can be twisted and moved in many different ways based on what the user wants. They are great for children as it teaches them how shapes and physics work, as they bend it around.

It keeps their hands busy and works as a great sensory activity, which covers hands, eyes, and even ears because the toy makes a clicking sound in certain conditions.

And they come in many different shapes and sizes, which even includes variations which are built like a fidget spinner.

Although this toy is great for the growth of children, it’s something that people of older ages can enjoy too due to how creative it is. If you’re ever need to relax or distract yourself in a situation with anxiousness or stress – then the Wacky Track is what you need!


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