Pop It help with ADHD and Anxiety

How Pop It Toys Help with ADHD and Anxiety?

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Pop It fidget toys are the latest trend in the world of toys and they have managed to become a household name in every country of the world. It started off as a simple toy that was meant to be a game about popping the bubbles before the other person does – and now it’s a toy that comes in many different shapes and forms.

Its popularity kicked off due to a monkey influencer on TikTok, which we’ve covered in detail ‘here’. But to give you a quick insight about why it became popular so quickly, it’s because the pandemic has been a stressful time for us all and Pop It toys are great as a fidgeting tool since it’s soft and easy to pop.

It’s easy to look at them and consider them a product for children, but a deeper look reveals that Pop It toys are useful for a whole lot more. According to research, Pop It toys are great for stress relieving for both kids and adults alike, and that they are particularly useful for people with anxiety and ADHD.

It may sound like a big claim at first since it’s just the ‘silly toy from TikTok’ for thousands of people due to their first impression being from that app. But forget that for a moment, and let us explain the importance of Pop It toys to you in detail.

How Pop It Toys Relieve Stress

One of the most common symptoms that human beings display in a state of stress or nervousness is movement. Traits like constantly moving feet, finding it difficult to keep your hands still without doing something with them, excessively using your cell phone to force yourself to be busy, and other similar things are all part of stress.

We try to take our mind off of the fact that we are in a situation that makes us feel uncomfortable and that’s what leads us to do these things with our bodies. And in some cases, it can be a bit worse because we end up biting our lips, eating our nails, and even scratching our bodies because we don’t know how else to channel that feeling.

There’s where fidget toys come in, they give us an external object to hold onto that can be much more subtle than shaking your feet or using a cell phone. You can hold the object, press and pop it, and it allows you to feel less anxious about whatever situation that you’re in.

Pop It fidget toys are excellent for this purpose because it’s very soft and comfortable to hold, very easy to pop, and it comes in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. So, it’s very convenient to have a Pop It toy by your side and to go around with it, pressing both sides of it whenever it enters and leaves a spot after your popping.

It’s not a perfect solution to relieving your stress, but experts and users alike have given positive responses about Pop It toys and admit that it helps people feel a bit less stressed out than usual.

How Pop It Toys Help People with Anxiety

The first thing to know about anxiety is that it’s different for everyone. For some people, it can cause them to feel uneasy. Some get a strange feeling in their chest, some feel fear and unsafe, and some even experience panic attacks.

So, it depends on the person who is about to use the Pop It toy and whether it can help their situation. In the research of experts, they have found that Pop It toys are useful for people with cases of anxiety that do not immediately lead up to intense situations.

For example, if your anxiety makes you feel uneasy as if you need to hold onto something to distract yourself or to just squeeze it as if you’d hold onto a hand that’s guiding you through a difficult time – then the Pop It toys are very useful to have by your side.

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Since they’re soft and durable, whenever you feel uneasy, it can be exactly what you need to relieve some of your anxiousness onto the soft bubbles and you can multitask alongside too. For example, you can place it in your pocket and press onto it while talking to someone, or pop it with one hand while doing your homework or assignment with the other.

Unlike Fidget Spinners, Pop It toys aren’t a gimmick that people are using to pass time because even some schools and other learning environments have started to encourage their use since it helps children feel less confused. And as said previously, it helps adults too, and appropriately shaped/color Pop It toys can easily be placed in a workplace.

How Pop It Toys Are Helping Kids with ADHD

According to several recent studies, using fidget toys, especially Pop It ones, is helping thousands of children with ADHD in terms of increasing their concentration. Kids with ADHD can often be seen as a little eccentric with their bodily movements and they constantly try to switch between what they’re doing or keeping their movements active because the world, to them, is a distracting playground.

Thus, Pop It toys give those kids something to keep their hands busy with, and while they are popping those toys, it allows them to focus on something else like studying as a part of their multi-tasking. Although every single child benefits from the use of these toys since ADHD is not the same for every single person. However, it has been reported to help out many children too – so trying them out is worth it.

After a collective study of how Pop It toys helped children, it was revealed that kids with ADHD found it easier to read, study, write and even watch things with Pop It toys in their hands. And it’s also something that helps with stress, anxiety, and nervousness as stated above – which are all things that kids with ADHD often have to go through because of the attention they accidentally draw towards themselves in settings that include strangers.

Last but not least, fidget toys have been found to be useful even for adults who are on the autism spectrum or have sensory disorders. It’s a no-brainer that an adult even without such disorders can benefit from a stress-relieving toy if they feel uneasy in certain environments – but it’s even more useful for adults with the aforementioned conditions.

Are Pop It Toys Worth It?

There is no guarantee that if you or your child has ADHD, anxiety, autism, or any other disorder, the Pop It toys would be able to help immediately. But that’s the best thing about them, as they don’t serve a single purpose.

If the Pop It toy helps you feel more comfortable in life, then that’s more than worth the price that you paid for it. However, even if it fails to help you relieve some stress – it’s still a fun toy that is enjoyed by people of all ages and there are several games that you can play with them too. For example, you can see who is the first one to pop more bubbles or consider the one left behind, in the end, the loser.

And of course, they are a fun learning tool for young children too since you can write down the English alphabets on them or even numbers and then make young children pop the one that you said with your voice – which will help them identify these shapes better in a fun way to learn.

So, long story short: there is no way to have a useless Pop It toy lying around your house. Either you’ll find a use for it, your children will – or you can just gift it to someone else’s kid and they will be the ones to spend hours of their time having fun with it too.

It helps with learning, stress, anxiety, ADHD, and nervousness – and it’s also something that can be played as a game. What more can one want from a single purchase?

Where Can I Buy Pop It Toys?

Pop It toys are currently running out of stock in most places due to their sudden rise in popularity – but fortunately for you, we have a large collection of fairly priced and high-quality Pop It fidget toys. This includes fun shapes and colors for children, but also colors, shapes, and sizes that are appropriate for adults to carry too.

There are Pop It toys, mats, smartphones, keychains, and much more! So, head over to our shop by clicking ‘here’ and don’t miss out on some amazing deals.

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