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Pop It Game

Determine who plays first.

Players take turns choosing a row and pushing in as many bubbles as they want - bubbles can only be pushed in one row at a time.

The next player chooses a row of undeepened bubbles and pushes in as many as they choose.

Players continue to tatake turns until one player is forced to pop the last bubble.

This player loses the game, but don't worry! Flip the game over and start over.

The first player to win 3 games is the winner.

Don't be the last one

Players take turns pressing the bubbles, each player can press 1 or 2 at a time, and the bubbles must be connected each time. When the player can not longer press a bubble, it means the he/she has lost.

You can also customize the rules of the game to suit the situation.

Once the toy is returned, the next round of the game can be played

Pop It Rules Game