Pop It Game Rules

Pop It Game Rules Children
Pop It Game

Begin the game by determining who plays first. A coin toss is a good idea!

Players take turns choosing a row and pushing in as many bubbles as they want - bubbles can only be pushed in one row at a time.

The next player chooses a row of undeepened bubbles and pushes in as many as they choose.

Players continue to take turns until one player is forced to pop the last bubble.

The player who pops the last bubble loses the game, but don't worry! Flip the game over and start over.

The first player to win 3 games is the winner.

Don't be the last one

The point of the game is to make sure that the other player runs out of bubbles. If you press the last bubble and then have no more left - you lose the game!

But that's not all. You can also customize the rules of the game to suit the situation, as there are tons of ways to play with the Pop It toys.

Once the toy is flipped back to normal, the next round of the game can be played.

Pop It Rules Game

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Pop It Board Game Rules

The Pop It Board Game adds an additional layer of strategy to the world of Pop It toys.

This time, the players have two dices that they can roll to get a number. With the number that they get, they have to pop as many bubbles as the number on the dice says.

Then, the next player's turn starts and they must do the same. In the end, the player who has to pop the last bubble loses!

Though you can try out custom rules too, such as counting which player popped the most bubbles and then the higher number wins.