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Welcome to our collection of unique Pop It Backpacks! They're very popular among people of all ages and have the trendiest designs to fit the needs of people of all ages. Whether you're a child, teenager, or adult, you'll find the Pop It Backpacks useful for many reasons. In children, the Pop It Backpack helps them focus, relax, learn, and have something to play with in class. Meanwhile teenagers and adults can use the popping activity to keep themselves distracted from feelings of nervousness and stress too!

Travel is more fun than ever: Taking a backpack with you always has a point. Whether you want to store things, or take it to work, or take it to school - the bottom line is always the fact that you're away from home. And being away from home can lead to waiting, being busy, and even being bored! So, with the Pop It Backpack you will have something to play around with. Hearing the 'POP!' sound never gets old and it's always fun to press the comfortably soft buttons. 

Great for ADHD, stress, and anxiety: Research has proved more than once that Pop It toys are an amazing tool to feel focused and distracted. It's a sensory activity that lets people avoid feelings of anxiousness and nervousness because they have something fun to focus on instead of whatever that is making them uncomfortable.

High in quality and durability: Pop It Backups use BPA-free silicone that is tested for safety and durability. These backpacks can be washed without a problem and long very last. You can be confident in their quality and pop them for hours if you like.

Don't you just love the sound and feeling of popping the Pop It toys and hearing it go 'POP'? It's time to head over to our collection of Pop It Backpacks which has unique designs, such as normal colors, rainbows, and even more! They are spacious, comfortable to wear, and full of durable pops waiting for your fingers. They are available for reduced prices on our shop right now, so make sure to use this opportunity to save money!

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